Discover How To Learn & Implement Minimally Invasive Foot Surgeries With Confidence In Less Than 12 Weeks

Watch the video below  to see what fast-moving foot & ankle surgeons are doing to escape this fate.


Reimbursements continue to go DOWN, and private practice ownership will become unsustainable.

I am Dr. TJ Ahn, and I am very grateful that you are reading this page.

If you are over-worked and underpaid as a foot & ankle surgeon let me tell you I've been there before, Struggling with patient overload, insurance BS, wondering where my lifestyle went? I almost quit. 

But through a surprising sequence of events I found the ONE THING that completely turned my podiatry career around. 

Now I'm working just 2.5 days a week enjoying a high-six-figure income with plenty of time to enjoy my family and other business pursuits such as real estate, marketing and consulting. 

Above all, I love coaching other colleagues.  I truly enjoy seeing my fellow podiatrists build profitable practices by helping more patients with minimally invasive foot surgeries.

With Dr. Stephen Isham
MIFAS Cadaver Lab 2019
Teaching at MIFAS Cadaver Lab 2018
Lecturing Marketing at International MIFAS Conference, 2019
With Dr. Mariano De Prado
MIIFAS Cadaver Lab 2019
Lecturing at International MIFAS Cadaver Lab, 2018
Teaching at AAFAS Conference
With Dr. Kun Bae Lee, Singapore
With Dr. Carmen Naranjo Ruiz

I also founded the International Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery (MIFAS) Cadaver Lab as well as teaching students at Rosalind Franklin University/Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine.

I've also published an Amazon Bestseller book titled, "Opt-Out: How to take back financial control of your medical private practice" in 2019. 
But it wasn't like this back in 2012. I was miserable...

I remember vividly when I was overloaded with patients and paperwork on the verge of quitting podiatry altogether. 

At that time, I was shocked to be paid so little as a hard-working physician. How poor my lifestyle was becoming and it had nothing to do with my skills or ability.  

The economy was changing, the Obamacare became a thing and the medical insurance world became ridiculously convoluted. 

Not only that, but I found myself unable to offer the best solutions to patients because it wasn't covered under their insurance plan. That is when I said enough is enough. 

And the timing was truly perfect because a friend of mine had been bugging me to go to this MIS conference in New Orleans. I finally gave in and actually I was very glad I did. 

When I got there I was hit with a massive epiphany. 

Minimally Invasive Surgery was the future.

And realized that offering it to cash-pay patients was the way I could avoid relying on the insurance networks. 

From that day forward I poured my life into developing my MIS skillset. 

I traveled to see my surgical mentors over 40 times in 2 years. I also invested a lot of time and money to fully understand how to offer hybrid-concierge services with a high-ticket price asking patients to pay out of pocket. 

But this all paid off big time.  

My practice transformed dramatically.  

Less patients. More Revenue. 
Less Headaches. More Freedom. 
Less fear. More Respect.  

Imagine if...

➡️you could attract patients who were willing to pay out of pocket for your specialized niche services and you were getting paid what you were truly worth...

➡️You save so much time by performing MIFAS procedures at your own in-office surgical suite...

➡️You could double, even triple your revenue within 2 years...

How much more enjoyable would your daily life be if you could see 6-10 patients a day and offer them your best possible solution?

They are happy to pay cash because they want to solve their pain today, they are prioritizing their health over money, they want the best and I don't think it takes a genius to see that when possible - they prefer minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Surgery
is the future of podiatry...


What is The MIFAS Accelerator™ Program?

MIFAS Accelerator a program that allows any foot & ankle surgeon who is committed to transformation to implement MIFAS services in their office and this will unlock your potential to build high-ticket cash-pay services instead of relying on insurance plans & reimbursements. 

You'll learn everything you need to implement MIFAS and you should start attracting 3-10 cases a week by the end of this group mentorship program.

I have provided the exact formula that will allow you to escape the insurance-based private practice business model and take on the hybrid-concierge cash-pay model. 

Do you want to find out if you are a good fit?

See how other doctors have helped more patients and increased their revenues after working with me:

"Joining TJ is one of the best career decisions I've ever made."
Dr. Abraham Wagner, Florida
"TJ has built a support group that is fantastic and I approve it wholeheartedly."
Dr. Chris Chow, New York
"This has put me in a great position to start my own private practice."
Dr. Donna Hayes, Wisconsin
"This highly motivated me to change my mindset and my office. No regrets."
Dr. Rhonda Eichenberger, Kentucky
"A wealth of knowledge I can take to my practice. I really love this course."
Dr. Grigoriy Patish, California
"He's a great coach. Very knowledgable. Now I have volume of MIFAS coming in and I'm grateful"
Dr. Helene Nguyen, New Jersey

"Learning online course and combining with cadaver lab is very helpful for me to implement fast"
Dr. Fausto Ramos, New Jersey
"TJ Ahn's program helped me prepare for new healthcare era and future proof our practice"
Dr. Jocelyn Curry, Georgia

What's Included in The MIFAS Accelerator™?

MIFAS ACCELERATOR™ has been engineered for you to learn, implement, and perform minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery in the comfort of your office-based surgery suite.  

I am 100% confident that you will be able to increase your practice revenue 2X, even 3X times in your first year alone.  Learn how I've generated high 6-figures just by implementing minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery skills while making my patients happy.  Wouldn't that be great for your practice?

So what's included in the MIFAS ACCELERATOR™ Program?
The MIFAS Masterclass 
8 Modules
24/7 Lifetime Access. Work at Your Own Pace.
You will get access to my online course, "The 8 Core Procedures of MIFAS".

Core procedures with proven results
This masterclass has 8 modules and it is designed to teach you all the core procedures of percutaneous minimally invasive foot & ankle surgery including tenotomy, exostectomy, hammertoe procedures, various 1st ray procedures including Reverdin-Isham and Akin bunionectomy, metatarsal osteotomy, tailor's bunionectomy, plantar fasciotomy and much more.
Detailed lessons to make you proficient in MIFAS FAST!
You will see not only basic concepts and diagrams but also actual surgical cases with my detailed description. I used different cameras including DSLR camera and the first-person point-of-view using GoPro in many cases. You will experience the real-life MIFAS procedures at real practice environment.

Great Reference and Collections of Real-life MIFAS Cases
This is also an excellent reference course for the core procedures of percutaneous MIFAS where you can always come back and review if you are already familiar with core procedures.  

Remember that you will have lifetime 24/7 access to this course, and I constantly update this course to improve even more.
Value: ($4,495)
To Maximize The Success & Results,
You will also receive these special bonuses!!
Bonus #1
12 X Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
You will have these extra coaching sessions where I showed them how to perform MIFAS core procedures at the office-based surgery suite, utilizing the formula of MIFAS Accelerator 2.0.

I will be able to show you step-by-step, move-by-move so that you are actually implementing and taking action, this is not based on theory but as a result of me being a practitioner. 

We will meet on a secured private coaching call every week for 8 straight weeks.  This ensures your progress and maximizes your success through this course with accountability.

We take a closer look at how real life MIFAS surgeons implement these surgical techniques and get real-life results so that you can take action on strategies yourself and get the results that you desire. 

By the way, you don't have to worry if you missed a few coaching sessions because these sessions will be recorded for you to rewatch them.

Value: ($3,997)

Bonus #2
Setting up and Run an Office-based Surgery Suite (Full Course)
You'll get access to this High-ROI course: "Setting up an Office-Based Surgery Suite" as a special bonus because I truly believe that you will be able to multiply your practice revenue by performing MIFAS at your OBS suite. It's not critical but man I can't imagine my own practice without it.

This is not a simple blueprint but a complete online course that is being sold at $1,997 regular rate. 

This course comes with 5 different modules filled with digestible HD video lessons, so you can implement step-by-step, week-by-week to set up and run your own office-based surgery suite without wasting the time of trials and errors.  Again, you will have a lifetime access 24/7 at your own pace to learn to set up and to run an OBS.

Value: ($1,997)

Bonus #3
Ultimate Resources and Swipe files
My team and I have taken our most valuable information and turned them into roadmaps, worksheets, cheat sheets and swipe files to cut the learning curve for you so that you can take action immediately.

How do you like to have a full array of resources and swipe files that you can download and modify to your exact needs?  I am providing all the pre-op, post-op, intra-op documentation to all the Op-report templates that I use for MIFAS.  How about all the billing-related resources that we use in our practice that you can utilize in the shortest amount of time possible?

I spent tens of thousands of dollars to collect these resources, and you can simply bypass all that time and cost. 

Value: ($3,600)

Bonus #4
Half-Day Shadow of Hybrid-Concierge Practice
Imagine if you could be present with me and watch how I ethically sell high ticket surgical and non-surgical procedures...

This is your chance to witness how building a 7-figure practice is REAL and POSSIBLE as you shadow during my actual half-day clinic hours!!

If you could learn even a few ethical persuasion skills and implement on your own practice, I know you will increase your practice profits 2-5 X !!!

Value: ($3,000)

Bonus #5
One Ticket to Our Next Private Cadaver Lab Event
Attending hands-on cadaver lab workshops is critical for you to keep up to date and improve your surgical skills to the next level. 

I usually organize special International MIFAS cadaver lab workshops once a year with worlds' top MIFAS surgeons.  This event welcomes any foot & ankle specialist with a multi-disciplined approach.

I also organize exclusive, private cadaver labs throughout the year limiting to our members and clients only.  This event is an even more intimate setting and focuses on honing your techniques under direct instruction and guidance to improve your MIFAS techniques.

You will receive one ticket to attend one group private cadaver lab within 6 months from the date of enrolling to this program. 

Value: ($3,000)

Bonus #6
Private Membership Group Access for 3 months
This is really priceless.

With this private members-only group, you can totally unleash the true power within a community of like-minded surgeons.  You could ask any question or concerns.  You could share and exchange knowledge of others in this secured community.

The group will motivate you to get things implemented and you will also receive the most up-to-date news related to MIFAS and OBS.

As a special bonus, you will receive 3 months of access to this members-only private group.

Value: ($1,182)

Total Value: $21,271

However, you are NOT going to pay this amount! 

Please Read On...
Let me ask you this...

What if all you did after completing The MIFAS Accelerator program was to perform on average 3 simple MIS procedures every week? 

Say, a simple exostectomy or a hammertoe, and given the average practice cost for each of these simple procedures, you are making an average of $3,000 to $4,000 extra per week.  That's $9,000 to $12,000 per month.  It is $108,000 to $144,000 per year!!

If all I did you get 3 more patients every week and help you become a proud surgeon who can consistently provide financial stability to your family...I think that both you and I would agree that if the program costed $21,271 it wouldnt seem all that much now does it?

Good news. I'm not charging nearly that much.  In fact

I can promise you that you can afford the price of this program. It's probably a lot less than your watch or your golf membership or that new Tesla. So don't worry about price at this second.

The real question for us now is are YOU the right fit for this program. We don't take everyone. You have to be coachable. You have to be committed.

So if you are interested in taking the next step, book your free no-obligation 45-minute discovery call below.

I'll get a sense of your goals and your practice situation to see if you are a good fit, and we can move forward and enroll you in the next wave of students for the MIFAS Accelerator program.

If you've made it this far, it's very likely you are the right fit for this program. I look forward to speaking with you. Book your call now:


Special Investment will be...

NOT $21,271!
NOT $15,954 (25% Off)!!
NOT $10,635 (50% Off)!!!
NOT EVEN $8,509 (60% Off)???

I have helped more than 200 doctors through The MIFAS Accelerator™ and Other Cadaver Labs since 2017...

Private Group Cadaver Lab
March, 2019
Private Group Cadaver lab
September, 2019
International MIFAS Cadaver Lab
October, 2019

Here are a few more doctors who have completed my program. Listen to what they have to say about the MIFAS Accelerator™️...

"I was able to implement MIS and schedule 10-15 MIS cases within 3 months of TJ's program."
Dr. Tim Shea, California
"It's been extremely exciting to work with TJ. He has vision and mission for our profession."
Dr. Beth Pearce, Florida
"This was great decision to join TJ's program even if I've been doing MIS for past 30 years."
Dr. Lawrence Kales, Florida
"Weekly coaching calls are wealth of knowledge and I was able to avoid many potential mistakes."
Dr. Daniel Basalely, New York
My question to you...

What's holding you back?

MIFAS Accelerator a program that allows any foot & ankle surgeon who is committed to transformation to implement MIFAS services in their office and this will unlock your potential to build high-ticket cash-pay services instead of relying on insurance plans & reimbursements. 

If not now, when?

You'll learn everything you need to implement MIFAS and you should start attracting 3-10 cases a week by the end of this group mentorship program.

I have provided the exact formula that will allow you to escape the insurance-based private practice business model and take on the hybrid-concierge cash-pay model. 

It is your time to get out of this trap and future-proof your practice, and you will be able to help so many patients...

New golden opportunity of podiatry is here...
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